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Learning Community

Support and guide children in their self-construction processes in the physical, mental, emotional, social, ecological, economical and spiritual spheres, with the core intention that each being can manifest their existence in an integral way. For being truly happy and contributing to a peaceful society.

At our learning community we offer teaching-learning experiences that allow the development of knowledge, autonomy, responsibility and harmonic interdependence, so that each child has the skills to create their life project.


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For 20 years Paulina has been dedicated to education and to an harmonious development of childhood. In the last 10 years she was an educator, pedagogical coordinator and directress at Escola Inkiri and kindergarten coordinator at Escola Teia Multicultural - both recognized as innovative and creative schools in Brazil. In 2009, Paulina became a mother and discovered that one of her greatest achievements is being able to help other mothers on the path, full of love and challenges, of motherhood. For 8 years, using maternal coaching tools, Non- Violent Communication and self-awareness, she has been supporting motherhood and childhood with love and respect.

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For the past 5 years, she has dedicated herself to transformative education and permaculture. In Portugal, she was an educator in home schooling and mentor of outdoor education. In Brazil, she was a kindergarten teacher, lived and worked in an ecovillage based on self-knowledge practices and regenerative actions. Along this journey, he studied and practiced varied approaches in order to meet the needs of each being and each educational context: Transformative Education, Montessori for 3-6 years, Work Methodology by Project, Non-Violent and Restorative Communication, Phonetic Literacy, Permaculture and, more recently, Outdoor Education.


Guga worked as a lawyer and was a entrepreneur in different areas, he was a cook and business administrator, but it was 5 years ago that he discovered his life purpose in education. Today he seeks to transform education through learning communities. For more than 3 years he lived in an ecovillage founded on the principles of permaculture and self-knowledge, where he worked on reconfiguring the local school. Passionate about learning, he has been dedicating himself to the educational sciences and he is always trying to improve his references to better serve the educational process of each child. Project Based Learning, Nonviolent Communication, Literacy, Transformative Education, Montessori Pedagogy and Ubuntu Methodology were the most recent training courses.

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Rita has been living in Aljezur all her life. She is passionate about children, nature and surfing.
She recently completed her final phase of the Master's Course in Pre-School Education and 1st Cycle at the Piaget Institute, in Lisbon.
In the last five years she has been deepening her knowledge in the area of education, contacting with diverse educational contexts and alternative methods such as Pestalozzi, Waldorf and Movimento da Escola Moderna. During this time she acquired the Meditation and Relaxation Instructor certificate for children and attended a workshop on Montessori pedagogy for children aged 3 to 6 years. In 2015, she completed the ASI course as a Level 1 Surf Instructor, as well as the first aid and water rescue.

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During the past two years she has been working with children between the ages of 1 and 4 years at Outdoor Kids Playgroup in Aljezur. Before, she had 2 years of experience working as a Teaching Assistant at "Taller de Creatividad Infantil Caracolito" (Caracas, Venezuela) for children between 1 and 3 years young. She studied permaculture and applies its principles in her work with children, stimulating learning-through-nature, wonderment and a genuine desire to understand our world and help making it a better place.


Throughout the past fifteen years, Manu has dedicated herself to working with children. During the first five years, she worked with Outdoor Education in summer camps and was a nursery school teacher in Caracas, Venezuela. For seven years, she was working as an outdoor educator on the island of St Barths for different families. After having moved to Portugal in 2015 she started the Outdoor Kids Playgroup, which today advanced to the Alecrim Playgroup. 

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Born in former east Germany, he went through several diverse stages in life.
He spent his childhood in the countryside, then moved to the city of Hamburg as a teenager which was a big contrast.
He turned adult during his year abroad in England and graduated high school the classic German way.
His passions have been photography and all kinds of sports.
His interest in social, ecologic and economic matters, as well as history and politics not only got him to study business administration at university but also provided for a rather holistic and interdependent approach to life and action.
He has been running his media agency GOT iT! in Austria for 7 years by now.
The Lalaland project (owner of land) is his way to approach today’s and future challenges. By learning how to live sustainable and passing on essential knowledge to future generations.