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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

What if we could participate in helping our world to become more healthy, fair, safe and happy?


Despite the fact that our influence zone seems limited, we deeply believe that combining certain energies such as time, knowledge, money or straight muscle power in a smart way can have substantial positive effects on both our environment and our community. This is why we deeply re-evaluated what’s really important to us, the environment and the community we find ourselves within. The Lalaland vision consists of principles that embrace these intentions and aims to improve:

1. the eco-system in this area
2. ecological-, social-, economical- and self-awareness
3. future perspectives for the community and this place as a whole

Is this really necessary?

Yes, it is highly necessary - especially here in the national park of „Costa Vicentina“ in Portugal’s southwest Algarve - to counteract all the negative external effects of non-conscious consumption, tourism, farming and many more.
Why? Because the damages are totally present: droughts, heat waves and wild fires, littered beaches and dunes; lack of ground water thanks to profit-oriented farming or other forms of abusing this most valuable resource are not even all the problems that have been evolving from our behavior as a society.

And it’s getting worse and worse.

What if we could participate in helping our world to become more healthy, fair, safe and happy?"

Why Us? 

„What can we do - within our influence zone - to take responsibility and create something that especially in the long run would bring along real ecological, social and economical benefits in a balanced way? 


This has been our core question ever-since we decided to begin this undertaking. For one main reason: we are aware of the challenges ahead and we feel the need to contribute at our best at creating a future for our children, grandchildren and beyond. Together, we are equipped with the experiences and capabilities to make this project happen.

The vision is to create a holistically designed pedagogical farm where essential knowledge and skills are shared not only with kids but with the community as a whole.

Following the main goal of guiding through meaning- and joyful learning processes while having a positive impact on environment and society. For our's and many generations to come.

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