Permaculture & Well-being
Courses and Retreats

PDC 72 hours certification+ Introduction to Herbal Medicine
Eduardo Terzidis & Emilia Cianci

09.05.2022 to 24.05.2022

Course Overview


Building soil – Building community – Building resilience

No previous experience is required! Just openness and willingness to become part of the regeneration movement!


Permaculture is a design method for sustainable human settlements that aims at integrating human activities in fully functioning ecosystems able to self regulate and support Life in all its forms.

Its core ethics are Care for the Earth, Care for the People and Fair Share and its principles allow us to live a regenerative life and can be applied to any environment, from small apartments to big lands to entire countries. Most importantly, Permaculture is a real philosophy of life that can support you as an individual to make conscious choices to reconnect to a true way of living. You are not separate from what is around you and stepping back into the web of life is the best choice we can make!


As we step back into a reciprocal relationship to the natural world and as we learn the basics of creating a regenerative life, our health and wellness becomes an integral part of the process. Alongside learning about permaculture you will be introduced to the practice of herbalism and plant medicine. The topics we will cover are:


- History of Herbalism

- Healing Traditions

- Herbal energetics

-  Body Systems 

- Basics of Medicine Making 

- Wild foraging and harvesting

- Deep ecology, plant communication and plant spirit medicine


This course is intended to deepen your understanding of what it means to live a life that is in reciprocity with the natural world, one that honors both the earth and your body as an extension of the earth. It will combine a mix of lectures, hands-on experiences and moments of inquiry and conversation. 


Yoga & Herbalism Retreat Weekend
Emilia Cianci

17.18.19-June & 08.09.10 July 2022

Join us for a deeply nourishing weekend where you will get to deepen your knowledge of herbalism and the plant world and reconnect to your body and breath. This time together will be an opportunity for you to slow down, to find more stillness and reconnect to your body as an extension of the body of the earth. Through movement and meditation you will access tools to find inner stillness and re-connect the wisdom you behold. Through herbalism you will open yourself up to the opportunity of deepening your understanding and experience of healing and weaving back a connection with the green world. Plants are incredible allies for our wellbeing. As we learn how to connect with them through our bodies we can find incredible support and guidance as well as remember that we belong to an intricate web of living. 


Hopefully you will leave the space rejuvenated, more aligned with yourself and in connection with the earth. Also the retreat is intended to spark new questions and curiosities about what it means to live a more healthy and regenerative life that supports you and the earth.  


The Flow of the retreat:

In the mornings we will meet to practice yoga, intuitive movement and meditation. After a shared light breakfast we will then gather for a workshop on herbalism. This will include some history of herbalism, an introduction to herbal energetics and body systems and deepening our connection to the plant world. In the afternoons we will either have a hands-on workshop on harvesting and herbal medicine making or we will go out into the wild and learn how to connect more deeply with the earth and the plants. In the evening we will meet to practice some deeply nourishing and restorative yoga and then share a dinner, fire, music and celebrate our togetherness. 


What it includes:


- Daily morning and evening yoga, embodiment and meditation classes

- Introduction to herbalism and plant medicine, medicine making, harvesting and wild foraging

- Healing practices including herbal meditations, herbal bathing and nature reconnection practices 

- Shared nourishing meals 

- Nature walks, ocean dipping 

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Community -DAY-Herbal Medicine Intro + Garden creation 
Emilia Cianci


Join us for this one day workshop where you will deepen your knowledge of medicinal plants and put your hands in the soil to plant a herb garden. In the morning we will have an introductory class on herbalism where you will learn: 


- The history of herbalism and different healing traditions

- Basic use of medicinal plants with a focus on the plants we will be planting

- How to create a connection to the plant world 


After a lunch break we will gather again to discuss a little bit about: 

- What it means to grow a medicinal herbal garden and the different plants we can grow (perennials, biennials, annuals) 

- A brief reflection on the importance of growing our own medicine for both our health and the health of our ecosystems


We will then go out into the fields and put our hands in the soil to plant our beautiful medicinal herbs so make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that can get "dirty". The day will end with a herbal tea and time to share reflections and/or ask questions. Be sure also to bring with you a notebook and a pen. 


With Jan Prazuch

Jan Prażuch, originally from Poland, has traveled for many years around the world gathering inspiration and knowledge about different ways of living with Nature. Since 2014 he has been co-creating a Natural Builders collective known as  Diggers&Dreamers. In 2019 he settled in Alentejo and has been working actively as a carpinter as well as teaching his skills to others.

In this busy one day workshop you will learn how to build a Clay Pizza Oven using a variety of natural materials and techniques. The knowledge and experience you gain will allow you to build your very own oven at home as well as open up options for many other possible applications.

We will start in the morning with a short lecture covering:
- a brief introduction to some concepts and key terms of Natural Building and the variety of materials used
- history and different styles of bread ovens around the world and the physics involved in a baking process
- design of our Pizza Oven and explanation of the different steps needed.

We will then proceed to the hands-on part where apart from getting dirty, everyone will have a chance to learn how to:
- test your soil mix in various ways
- prepare COB and light clay mixes
- level and set the oven base with sand and fire bricks
- build the sand dome and the three diffent layers of the oven, as well as shaping the door and the chimney

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