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Courses 2022

Permaculture Design Course + Introduction to Herbal Medicine

With Eduardo Terzidis and Emilia Cianci

May 9th to 21rst - PDC

+ Intro Herbalism 22nd to 24th May 2022

The Program  


During the course, we will explore the following topics:



• Permaculture: Evidence that we need to act - Ethics & Principles

• Concepts and themes in design: Natural ecosystems - Web of life - Yield and Resource -

• Design Methods: Observation - Analysis of elements - Flow analysis - Maps & data overlay - Zones & sectors - Slope & aspect - Guilds - Scale of permanence 

• Patterns: Understanding natural patterns and how to use the in design



• Climatic factors: Main climatic zones and their characteristics - Climatic factors - Climatic effects Landscape profiles

• Trees: Trees and their role in the ecosystem

• Water: Water cycle - Water in the landscape - Strategies for water management

• Soils: Soil composition - Soil management - Compost - Nutrient management and closed loops - Animals in the landscape

• Earthworks: Design - Tools - Types of earthworks (swales, dams etc..)

• Agroforestry & Food Forests: Natural forests and natural succession - Food forests - Layers - Greening the Desert

• Appropriate Technology: Renewable energy - Compost toilets - Eco-buildings - Waste management


• Climates: Strategies for different climates

• Social Permaculture: Project management - Group dynamics - Non-violent communication - Local economies - Community living & Ecovillages



All students will do a group project simulating the design for a client. The project will be  presented at the end of the course and will be a great opportunity for the student to metabolise the newly-acquired knowledge and receive feedback from the teacher

Herbal Medicine Intro with Emilia Cianci (22.23.24 MAY)

As we step back into a reciprocal relationship to the natural world and as we learn the basics of creating a regenerative life, our health and wellness becomes an integral part of the process. Alongside learning about permaculture you will be introduced to the practice of herbalism and plant medicine. The topics we will cover are:


- History of Herbalism

- Healing Traditions

- Herbal energetics

-  Body Systems 

- Basics of Medicine Making 

- Wild foraging and harvesting

- Deep ecology, plant communication and plant spirit medicine


This course is intended to deepen your understanding of what it means to live a life that is in reciprocity with the natural world, one that honors both the earth and your body as an extension of the earth. It will combine a mix of lectures, hands-on experiences and moments of inquiry and conversation. 


IMG_4354 (1).JPG

550€ (PDC) 09.05 to 21.05


- 3 meals a day 

- Access to showers and facilities

- International Permaculture Design Certificate upon completion of the course

- Stunning surroundings and beautiful places to visit on your free time

(Beaches : Arrifana, Monte-clerigo, Amoreira just 7min away, Aljezur town 4min away)

YOU CAN ADD - Practical workshops + Introduction to Herbal Medicine (3 extra days 22.05 to 24.05) 


PDC + Intro to Herbalism: 650€ ---22.05 to 24.05

Intro to Herbalism : 150€ ---22.05 to 24.05

We have Accommodation Options 

Contact us for more details!! 

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