Community Herbalism & Garden Creation
Emilia Cianci
First Week of May 
(depends on forecast) 


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Join us for this one day workshop where you will deepen your knowledge of medicinal plants and put your hands in the soil to plant a herb garden. In the morning we will have an introductory class on herbalism where you will learn: 


- The history of herbalism and different healing traditions

- Basic use of medicinal plants with a focus on the plants we will be planting

- How to create a connection to the plant world 


After a lunch break we will gather again to discuss a little bit about: 

- What it means to grow a medicinal herbal garden and the different plants we can grow (perennials, biennials, annuals) 

- A brief reflection on the importance of growing our own medicine for both our health and the health of our ecosystems


We will then go out into the fields and put our hands in the soil to plant our beautiful medicinal herbs so make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that can get "dirty". The day will end with a herbal tea and time to share reflections and/or ask questions. Be sure also to bring with you a notebook and a pen. 

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  • Workshop  Intro to Herbalism 10am to 12.30

  • Lunch & Break 13.00 to 14.30

  • Workshop Herbal Garden 14.30 to 16.30