starting from May 03 on


Culinary workshop for children "Feed Your Soul”

with Joana Judice

* Age 6+

* Every Friday : 4pm to 6pm

Starting 07.05

* Cost : 30€ x Month (4 classes per month) 

* Booking : +351964882549


Lets Play Photo-Videography for Children

with Joana Judice 

* Age 6+

* Every Monday : 4pm to 6pm

Starting 10.05

* Cost : 30€ x Month (4 classes per month) 

* Booking : +351964882549


Yoga Lessons Yin Yoga with Mieke

* Adults

* Every Tuesday : 9.30am to 11.00am

* Location : Garden Deck, Lalaland 

* Book at

Vinyasa Flow with Cata

* Adults

* Every Thursdays : 9.30am - 10.45am

* Location : Garden Deck, Lalaland

* Book Via Whatsapp/Telegram +351967909174


Introduction to Permaculture Day

with Eduardo Terzidis

* Adults

* May 10.05 to 16.05

* 3pm to 5.00pm 

* Cost : 220€

* Booking : +351910790587

Art Workshop for children

“Let the sun rose”


* With Zsofia Tettamanti

* Wednesdays Starting 12.05/  4pm

* Cost : 30Euros x Month

* Contact +351932269723


Intuitive Painting with Judith Bräunig

* Age 16+

* Saturday : 1.00pm to 3.00pm

* Cost : 30€ x month (4 sessions)

Starting 08.05

* Booking :


Tennis Lessons with Joe 

* Age 6+

* 32€ x Month (1.30 hour lesson)

* Location : Vale da Telha.

* Bookings :  +351911526706



Havening , Delta wave Therapy With Lakshmi/Anne Marie Morton

The course is to develop our ability to connect with our pure awareness which resides in the heart space, leaving the mind of thoughts, which can block our natural flow to move with life in a beautiful and  magical  way. We will use techniques such as mindfulness and the  ‘Letting Go’ technique and using the neuroscience technique of ‘Havening’ to delete old  traumas that may arise in the process of connecting.

This is primarily a Healing and transformational course. There will be elements of play and colour to balance out the inner and outer expressions of our spirits.

* Adults

* Cost: By Donations

*Mondays : starting 10.05 / 4pm

* Book : +44776042766

Disciplina Positiva, Criancas 0 a 6anos

4 encontros independentes onde partilharemos com pais e filhos algumas praticas e conceitos desta ferramenta que vem ajudando tantos educadores e familias na educacao das criancas 

* Family workshop

* Tuesdays : Starting 11.05 / 4.30 to 6pm

Contact : +351935179145

Blue Wave Pattern Weekly Schedule Planne

"Element that gives life or vitality to a material or immaterial thing”
“Elemento que dá vida ou vitalidade a uma coisa material ou imaterial

Club Savia is a space where interaction happens while learning new skills transmitted by talented members of our community.
After many years being part of Aljezur Community, we met many talented people with very interesting skills, we want to invite Aljezur community to send us a proposal of workshops that you will like to offer at Lalaland Aljezur.

Any questions please PM or